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The Nevada Nurses Foundation (NNF) is the charitable and philanthropic arm of Nevada Nurses Association (NNA). The mission of the NNF is to increase access to quality health care for Nevada citizens by promoting professional development of nurses through recognition, grants, and scholarships.

The NNF Grants Program has been created to enhance the development of Nevada nurses and further the nursing profession by providing funding for projects, programs, and research that directly impact the health and wellness of Nevada citizens.

The Grants Program has awarded a total of $12,803 in support of various projects and programs so far.

Available Grants for 2023:

The Nevada Nurses Foundation oversees the application, scoring, and awards process for the Grants Program. Thanks to a very generous gift from the Nevada Nurses Association of $3,500, the total amount available for grants in 2023 is $6,500. This amount may be distributed among more than one grant recipient, and the Foundation reserves the right to provide partial funding for the amounts requested.

NNF grant monies cannot be used to cover salaries or indirect expenses such as overhead.

Important Dates:

Only applications received online by the end of the day on February 1, 2023, will be considered for 2023 NNF grants.


If you or your group would like to be considered for a grant, please complete the application form below. Applications are accepted only from the online submission form.

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible. Items marked with * are required, and the form cannot be submitted if these values are missing! Missing values are highlighted in pink to make them easier to find.

After contact and other basic information have been entered, the application form may be saved as a draft and retrieved later using your e-mail address.

When your application is finalized and submitted, you will receive a grant application tracking number. Please use this number when corresponding with the Foundation regarding your application.


Online help is available throughout the form by clicking the icon wherever it appears. For questions or concerns regarding the application or evaluation process not addressed here, please contact the Nevada Nurses Foundation at 775-560-1118 or e-mail .

Technical issues with the applications form should be reported to .

Grant Application Form:

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Applicant/Contact Information
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* your last name:
* Nevada licensed nurse: Are you a Nevada nurse with a current unencumbered Nevada nursing license?
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* NV license #:
* are you a Nevada resident?
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Grant Request Group Information
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* group/organization name:
* names of collaborative partners:
* non-profit status:
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Grant History
* have you received a
NNF grant previously?
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* previous funding: What was the project name, date funded, and funding amount?
Grant Request Overview
* what type of grant
are you seeking?
* name of :
* scope of intended impact:
(examples: communities, counties, state, national, nursing community)
* Nevada population
to be served:

(examples: community, profession)
(click all that apply):
improving the nursing practice

* How will your benefit the nursing profession?

serving a vulnerable population

* Which vulnerable population(s) will benefit from your ?

addressing the Future of Nursing initiatives

* Which Future of Nursing initiatives will be addressed?

related to recruiting and promoting Nevada nurses

related to retaining existing Nevada nurses

involves ongoing education

* What is the topic of your course?

* How many CEUs will your course be worth?
Grant Request Details
* OBJECTIVES: Expected measurable outcomes and how these relate to the Nevada Nurses Foundation's mission.    
* DESCRIPTION: Describe your , including literature citations of related activities.
* SCHEDULE/TIMELINE: Describe your 's timeline, including milestones, interim reports, and final report or deliverables.
* total amount requested: $
* partial funding: Are you willing to accept smaller amounts or partial funding?
yes     no
* ITEMIZED BUDGET: Provide itemized costs for your .
(Remember that NNF grant monies cannot be used for salaries or indirect expenses.)
* DELIVERABLES: Provide a description of the deliverables for this .    
* SUSTAINABILITY: What are your plans and expectations for ongoing support of this , if any?
Agreement & Signature
By typing my name below, I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application results in an awarded grant, I understand that I will need to provide my or my organization's tax ID. If not awarded to a 501(c)(3) organization, grant funds may be considered to be taxable income. I also understand that the Nevada Nurses Foundation and/or Nevada Nurses Association may use non-personal information supplied in this application and deliverables for presentation and publicity purposes.
I also agree to the following expectations (check each box to signify your agreement to comply with each of these terms):
I agree to provide a final report to the Foundation which outlines the findings or outcomes of my research or project
I agree to return any unused grant funds to the Nevada Nurses Foundation upon the conclusion of my research or project
I agree to acknowledge the financial support received from the Nevada Nurses Foundation for my research or project
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Grant Types

Choose what type of grant you seeking:

Program: an activity or service which may involve ongoing effort and sustained for a period of time after it is established; examples include community training presentations and rural assistance programs.

Project: developing an activity or service with a definite completion date (although the final product may continue to be used after the project is done); examples include training seminars, train-the-trainer workshops, online continuing educational materials, or a sponsoring guest speakers.

Research: an activity involving developing new knowledge or analysis of and correlations in existing data; examples include graduate research topics.


Proposal Objectives

Describe the 's expected measurable outcomes. Define what you want to see and how will you measure success. For example, include statements such as "upon completion of this , participants will be able to ..."

Also describe how these objectives relate to the Nevada Nurses Foundation's mission:

The Nevada Nurses Foundation (NNF) is the charitable and philanthropic arm of Nevada Nurses Association (NNA). The mission of the NNF is to increase access to quality healthcare for Nevada citizens by promoting professional development of nurses through recognition, grants, and scholarships.


Serving a Vulnerable Population

Describe your proposal's goals to serve one or more vulnerable populations, possibly including ethnic minorities, lower-income groups, and underserved geographical areas.


Future of Nursing Initiatives

Describe which Future of Nursing initiatives will be addressed by your proposed .



Describe the 's final deliverables. These include dissemination of results or product to the public or nursing community by means of one or more of the following:

  • in-person presentations at conferences or conventions
  • posters
  • recorded videos or training materials
  • voice-over Power Point-style files
  • a continuing education course on the NNA's training Web site
  • written reports to be posted on the NNF Web site
  • published articles

In all cases, NNF reserves the right to reference all funded programs, projects, and research on its Web site and printed materials, including the content of final deliverables.


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