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A. L. Davis Scholarship Recommendation Form


The Arthur L. Davis Publishing Scholarship is based on competitively writing and submitting an original article of no more than 800 words in one of a number of broad categories. The article from the selected recipient of the $1,000 scholarship will be published in RNFormation, a publication for registered and licensed practical nurses in Nevada.

Scholarship applications require two professional references from a current employer, faculty member, and/or academic advisor. The reference should address the applicant's commitment to professional nursing and contributions to increasing access to quality healthcare for Nevada citizens.

Applications will be evaluated by the Nevada Nurses Association (NNA) Editorial Board in conjunction with the Foundation's scholarship evaluation committee.

Important Dates:

Supporting recommendations must be received online by the end of the day on August 30, 2019.


IMPORTANT: if you are providing a recommendation for someone who has applied for a Davis Scholarship, you will need the application tracking number from the applicant to complete this form.

Recommendations are accepted only from the online form.

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible. Items marked with * are required, and the form cannot be submitted if these values are missing!

When your recommendation is submitted, you will receive a confirmation number. Please retain this number in the event you have questions or need to modify or retract your submission.


For questions and concerns regarding the scholarship application or evaluation process, please contact the Nevada Nurses Foundation at 775-560-1118 or e-mail .

Technical issues with the applications form should be reported to .

Scholarship Recommendation Form:

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