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Nurses Scholarships Application Form

NAPNA Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Nevada Advanced Practice Nurses Association

Southwest Medical On-Demand Scholarships

$1,000 donated by Dr. Eugene Somphone
Katherine "Kat" Cylke

Katherine "Kat" Cylke Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Katherine Cylke
Debra Scott

Debra Scott Scholarship

Two $1,000 scholarships donated by Debra Scott, MSN, RN, FRE
Dr. Ian Choe

Praus & Choe Scholarships

3 scholarships totaling $2,000 donated by Teresa Praus, APRN, & Dr. Ian Choe
Martha Drohobyczer

Maude Arnold & Ethel Ann Lewis Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Martha Drohobyczer, CNM, MSN, APRN

NNA Scholarship

$1,046 scholarship donated by NNA
John & Debra Scott

John & Debra Scott Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Endowment donated by John & Debra Scott, MSN, RN, FRE

Vroman & Wildes Scholarships

Two $1,000 scholarships donated by Gregg Vroman & Patty Wildes
Arthur L. Davis

Arthur L. Davis Scholarship

Three $1,000 scholarships donated by Mark Miller
Rosemary Witt

Rosemary Witt Scholarships

Two $500 scholarships donated by NNA District 3
Denise Ogletree McGuinn

Mary Lucell Johnson Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Denise Ogletree McGuinn, APRN, RN, D. Minn.

Tiffany Urresti Memorial Flight Nurse Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Life Guard International Flying ICU
Susan Michael

Christine Watson Scholarship

$500 donated by Dr. Susan and Paul Michael

Rural & Frontier Nurse Scholarship

$1,000 donated by the Rural & Frontier Nurses Committee, the NNF, and other donors

2016 NANE Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Nevada Alliance for Nursing Excellence

Jessie J. Valentine Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Carson Tahoe Health Medical Center

Hurst Review Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Hurst Review Services
Elizabeth E. Fildes

Elizabeth Fildes Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Elizabeth E. Fildes, EdD, RN, CNE, CARN-AP, APHN-BC
Betty Razor

Wound Ostomy Care Nurse (WOCN) Scholarship

$1,200 & $1,500 donated by Betty Razor, BSN, RN, CWOCN
Emma Marrujo Redmon

Emma Marrujo Redmon Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Sandy Olguin, DNP, MSN, RN
Nevada Nurses Foundation

Nevada Nurses Foundation Scholarships

Multiple amounts donated by supporters of the NNF
Jami-Sue Coleman

Jami-Sue Coleman Scholarship

$1,000 donated by Jami-Sue Coleman, PhD, RN, MS HSA, MBA, CCM, CNE, CPN, CNL


The Nevada Nurses Foundation (NNF) is the charitable and philanthropic arm of Nevada Nurses Association (NNA). The mission of the NNF is to increase access to quality health care for Nevada citizens by promoting professional development of nurses through recognition, grants, and scholarships.

The NNF Academic Scholarship Program has been created to enhance the development of Nevada nurses and further the nursing profession by providing scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in an accredited academic education program that will support the applicants' goals to further their nursing careers in Nevada.

Available Scholarships for Spring, 2019:

The Nevada Nurses Foundation is overseeing the application and scoring process for twenty legacy and Foundation scholarships in amounts ranging from $500 to $1,000 each. These scholarships are funded by organizations and individual donors, and many have specific criteria that must be met. For a full list of these scholarships, please refer to the summary on the scholarship overview page.

Important Dates:

Only applications and supporting recommendations received online by the end of the day on February 28, 2019, will be considered for the 2019 NNF spring scholarships.


IMPORTANT: if you are providing a recommendation for someone who has already applied for a scholarship, please click here to go to the recommendation form.

If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please complete the application form below. Applications are accepted only from the online submission form.

Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible. Items marked with * are required, and the form cannot be submitted if these values are missing!

Each application will require a professional reference from a current supervisor, faculty member, or academic advisor. When your application is submitted, you will receive a scholarship application tracking number. Please ensure the person who will be recommending you uses this tracking number when submitting his/her reference. Recommendations are submitted online separately by the reference person using a separate form.


For questions and concerns regarding the application or evaluation process, please contact the Nevada Nurses Foundation at 775-560-1118 or e-mail .

Technical issues with the applications form should be reported to .

Scholarship Application Form:

Applicant Information
Please note your personal information is securely encrypted before being stored electronically.
* your first name:     middle initial:  
* your last name:
* street address
including apt/unit #:
* city:
* state:     * ZIP:  
* e-mail address:
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Qualification Information
* select the program
you are/will be enrolled in:
Pre-licensure (ADN or BSN) CNA
RN to BSN MSN Doctorate
* are you a Nevada resident?
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Thank your for your interest. However, the Nevada Nurses Foundation awards scholarships only to Nevada residents pursuing a CNA, a degree in nursing, or advancing their nursing degree.
* how long have you been
a Nevada resident?
* do you currently have an
active, unencumbered
Nevada nursing license?
yes     no
Thank your for your interest. However, an active unencumbered Nevada nursing license is required to qualify for the currently available scholarships.
* NV license #:
* are you attending an
accredited nursing program
or school in Nevada?
yes     no
Thank your for your interest. However, a pre-licensure degree must be obtained from an accredited Nevada nursing school to to qualify for currently available scholarships.
* which degree are you pursuing?
* are you a Nevada Nurses
Association member?
full member     student member     not a member
Scholarship Selection Information
Many of the legacy scholarships have specific criteria established by their donors. The following questions are used to automatically determine your eligibility for each legacy scholarship opportunity. These questions have no right or wrong answers, and answering "no" to all of them does not disqualify you from all available scholarships.
* have you been employed at Southwest Medical Associates for 2 or more years?
yes     no
* are you employed at Carson Tahoe Health?
yes     no
* have you been employed at Optum for 1 or more years?
yes     no
* are you currently working in rural/frontier Nevada?
yes     no
* are you currently a nursing supervisor or leader?
yes     no
* are you currently a student at Orvis School of Nursing in the Family Nurse Practioner (FNP) program?
yes     no
* college or institution
currently/will be attending:
* cashier/bursar's
mailing address:
* city:
* institution state:     * ZIP:  
* expected graduation
date (mm/yyyy):
* company:
* position:
* address:
* dates (mm/yyyy):   to     (if still there, enter "current")
* responsibilities:
Military Service (if applicable)
dates (mm/yyyy):   to  
rank at discharge:
type of discharge:
if other than honorable, explain:
Each of the following responses have specific minimum and maximum word limits. A word counter is provided at the bottom of each box for your reference.
* 1. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES & COMMUNITY SERVICE. List and briefly describe any professional activities, community service, and/or other activities that you have been actively involved in during the last three years that demonstrate your commitment to nursing. (100-250 words)
* 2. PURSUIT OF NURSING EDUCATION. Describe your current reasons and guiding factors that lead to the pursuit of nursing education and your professional nursing goals. (100-250 words)
* 3. INTENTION TO ADVANCE THE MISSION. Describe how you intend to advance the Nevada Nurses Foundation mission if awarded a Foundation scholarship. (100-250 words)
* 4. GRADUATE STUDENT INFORMATION. Provide an outline of your graduate scholarly work. Describe how your work contributes to increasing access to quality health care for Nevada Citizens. (250-500 words)
* RURAL NURSING ESSAY QUESTION. Describe how you would use your nursing skills and knowledge to solve a health problem in the rural/frontier area or tribal health center. This could include education outreach on a particular health issue or prevention, solve a problem with access to services, or provide an educational seminar for other healthcare providers on a particular issue. (500-750 words)
* CARSON TAHOE HEALTH ESSAY QUESTION. How do you provide quality care and make a difference at Carson Tahoe Health? (100-250 words)
* OPTUM ESSAY QUESTION. How do you provide quality care and make a difference at Optum? (100-250 words)
Agreement & Signature
By typing my name below, I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. If this application results in an awarded scholarship, I understand that I will need to provide my student identification number and that the award will be mailed and paid directly to the cashier/bursar at my accredited school of nursing on my behalf. Scholarships may be considered to be taxable income.
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